April 14th, Day 14th of the #AtoZChallenge – A.D.’s FAV 5!


Good morning everybody! It’s a nice Saturday and I managed to sleep in a little, so nice!  Hope everyone is having a great start to a fabulous weekend! Mine will probably be filled with yard work, trying to do a garden. We shal see… Ok, on to doday’s FAV 5!

1. #35 What does Little S have to say Today?  http://littlestoday.blogspot.com/  L topic and L is for loose lips. I enjoyed this post! A very informative and funny topic!

2. #155 Nicki Elson’s Not- So-Deep Thoughts- http://nickielson.blogspot.com/  This is the place to go if you want to know anything about preparing ,planning, what to see and what to do at Disney World!

3. # 188 Word Nerd Speaks- http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/  M is for my favorite things here! Come and read her favorite things and get to know this quirky lady! Loved it!

4. #220 Inky the Hamster Mommy- http://bit.ly/JcSHch  This is an adorable blog and an adorable post. Click the little hamster guy at the top and feed him! He’ll even follow your mouse! Loved it!

5. # 368- Lucy Adams- http://lucybgoosey.blogspot.com/  Come and learn about mixed conditionals for Lucy’s M topic today! I leanred something new!

Bonous- Sydney Aaliyah – http://sydneyaaliyah.wordpress.com/  M is for musician in Australia, check out Sydney’s blog and learn about a few Austrailan Musicians!

Happy blog hopping and have a wonderful weekend! I off to go eat my very late breakfast! Oh, today my children’s book Molly Woodhaven is FREE on Amazon(look post below) hop on over and get your FREE copy!


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About A.D. Duling

A.D. Duling enjoys writing books filled to the brim with magic,adventure and of course romance. She writes Paranormal romance and Urban fantasy novels. The paranormal has always captured her interest and who doesn't love romance? Sometimes its just fun living in fantasy rather than reality. When she's not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature she would think of (oh and she would!), A.D. loves painting Folk Art, reading, spending time with family, and running slowly. A.D. lives in sunny Florida with her husband,six children (yes that was not an error) three dogs, two guinea pigs, two turtles and a few fish. Whew! Want to read more about her? Go to www(dot)adduling (dot) com and find out more! Her books: Anna Kippling Series The Key The Tokens The Stones The Battle Evie Patterson Series One of Them The Other Vampire Molly Woodhaven Series Mr. Pickett and his sailing Adventure The Three Witches and the Spellbook

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed the tips. :) I don’t know any of the other blogs you list so thanks for introducing me to them!

    • This FAV 5 was a way to find new blogs for me and make convience for others! Thanks for checking it out, I will be doing this every posting day until the last day. Alot of wondeful blogs on the list!

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