Authors are Frazzled…Should You Leave Feedback to Negative Reviews? Elle Lothlorien Thinks You Should…


Some think it makes sense, while others are frazzled. Is Elle Lothlorien onto something?  Should we respond to negative reviews ? Have a read and you decide…wanna leave a comment ? She responds.

When You Wish Upon a Star, You Get the Pointy End: Why Authors Should ALWAYS Respond To Negative Reviews

Since we now have readers on the brain…after all they are the ones who leave the reviews, this brings the next little tid bit. Is it OK to Ignore Reader’s Desires? Nick Widhalm

says 9 Times It’s OK to Ignore Reader’s Desires  Now don’t get excited and think I’m just as full of poo as Nick is… He isn’t meaning ignoring them completely. What Nick means is ignoring the readers demands on certain things that just may hurt your story.  These are the 9 things he wants you to consider ignoring:

1. The hero’s backstory

2.  I Want the Protagonist to Date my Daughter

3. The Smoldering Lovers Get It On

4.  A Safe Haven

5. Tall, Dark, and Handsome

6. More Magic!

7. You Can’t Kill my Favorite Character!

8. Answers! Answers! ANSWERS!

9. A Happy Ending!

Now that you’re feeling a bit fazzled, yes this is all pretty frazziling stuff, right? Responding to negative reviews, ignoring the demands of your readers…well you need something uplifting…you need to remember to Stop Writing to Be Read & Adored  What?!  Yes, you read that right. Jeff Goins  thinks you need to do just that, so he wrote up The Writer’s Manifesto: Stop Writing to Be Read & Adored  it’s based on his blog post he wrote called Writers Don’t Write to Get Published.  Right now if you join Jeff’s Newsletter, you’ll get a free copy of that manifesto. I’ve read it and you know what it makes sense! Go there, sign up and read. Come back and share your thoughts!






Thanks for dropping in and getting a little fazzled with me,

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