Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift- I (and my butt) have taken the challenge- a lifted Bum Bum in 30 days


Have you heard about the Brazil Butt lift? Leandro says doing his workout will get your “Bum Bum” looking great for the beach. It seems it really works and video’s on You Tube add to the testimonals saying this workout rocks! Being a mommy of six has taken a toll on my Gluteaous Maximus. I have failed the pencil test.

Pencil Test:

If the pencil stays, your sagging. Leandro says after this workout, that pencil will not stay anymore. I have failed the pencil test. Lean is in Leandro and that is how I wanna be, lean, firmed and beach body ready :0) My Bum Bum, I’m sure will thank me. So I ordered this video like many after the infomercial and yesterday was my first day. WOW! I just did the intro video and the Bum Bum (30 min) workout and I was dying!

Now I will reveal to my TMI, I am 145 lbs and 5’6. So I am not having any obesity issues, just unfimed issues :0) All of us ladies get this. With McDonald’s, Taco Bell and tons of other fast food resturants just around the corner, why wouldn’t we? We are being sabataged! Our gluteous Maximus is getting punished!  Leandro says he can fix that. After all Lean is in his name. I want to get lean, shaped and firmed, like many other gals. Can he help me, he says he can. So I am taking the challenge. Ive measured (wow that wasn’t fun) and taken a before pic (even worse) and in thirty days (July 1st) I will post my measurments and my before and after pic for the world to see (bathingsuit clad of course) I want to help encourage others and I wanna see what Leandro can do for me.

Click note to order yours!

Working out with Brazil Butt lift, or already have. Wanna share your story, or wanna join up and we’ll encourage/motivate each other? I love comments and definitaly love words of encouragment!

Thanks for dropping in and Happy Bum Bum lifting!

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