Anna Kippling’s interview with Laurie from Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews


Like Giveaways? Want to get to know Anna Kippling a little more? Anna had an interview with Laurie Jenkins from Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews and had a wonderful time answering the interview questions. She is also excited about the giveaway that allows new readers to enter to get a chance to win one of two Kindle Copies of the first book to her series.


Anna Kippling has found a skeleton key that ironically only opens one door and from the wrong side. On the other side of it awaits a world called Tatania. There Anna finds herself in battle with an evil Chancellor and also finds love in a grey eyed, blonde hunk named Hayden.
Anna also finds herself fighting large birds, magically hiding in tree trunks, eating magical beads as she tries to save an Empress. She does all this with just a necklace of invisibility, a time turning bracelet and a dagger. Even with her newly acquired Book of Answers, nothing is ever simple here for Anna Kippling. But Anna is slowly learning nothing is impossible, not even for her.

How far would you go to reach your potential? How much would you sacrifice for love? And is it possible to outwit death?


Can’t wait, wanna buy the book now? It’s only .99 cents click here to visit the Amazon page and read the first two chapters!

Visit Laurie’s blog to enter the giveaway and get a chance to win one out of two Kindle copies of The Key #1 of The Anna Kippling Series. Don’t forget to follow Laurie’s blog and check out her other great giveaways! She currently is participating in the YA giveaway hop where you can enter to win 6 different giveaways!


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Click on the book cover to go to Laurie’s blog to read the interview and enter the giveaway!

Thanks again Laurie for the spotlight and thanks everyone for the drop by!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your authors a review, they really appreciate them!!! Happy Reading!

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A.D. Duling enjoys writing books filled to the brim with magic,adventure and of course romance. She writes Paranormal romance and Urban fantasy novels. The paranormal has always captured her interest and who doesn't love romance? Sometimes its just fun living in fantasy rather than reality. When she's not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature she would think of (oh and she would!), A.D. loves painting Folk Art, reading, spending time with family, and running slowly. A.D. lives in sunny Florida with her husband,six children (yes that was not an error) three dogs, two guinea pigs, two turtles and a few fish. Whew! Want to read more about her? Go to www(dot)adduling (dot) com and find out more! Her books: Anna Kippling Series The Key The Tokens The Stones The Battle Evie Patterson Series One of Them The Other Vampire Molly Woodhaven Series Mr. Pickett and his sailing Adventure The Three Witches and the Spellbook

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