Indie Authors- Self- publishing help, about Vanity Publishers and the Low Down of Book Reviews…


Vanity Publishing

I have my opinion of Vanity publishing, but this is not about my opinion. It’s about what you should know about it before you decide to take the leap. tells you…

“In some circles vanity publishing is not a term that is often looked upon favourably. This is because unlike conventional publishers, vanity publishers will publish work regardless of its content or quality and is done so for the sake of the author’s vanity – to be printed.” – this sums it up for me.

But, again….it’s not about my opinion. This site is very informative and they have part two post that goes on to tell you the pro’s and con’s of vanity publishing.


What are the benifits?

” Vanity publishers work for you under your guidance and direction. Therefore, you still retain control over the production process.
 Vanity publishers will save you heaps of time, because they are managing the entire process.”

What are the drawbacks?

“If vanity publishers outsource, they can charge you more or not invest time in trying to find the best deal for you. Vanity publishers do not have the same reputation as major publishers. Some people will perceive you as lacking the ability to get published by a mainstream publisher, hence your need to resort to a vanity publisher. This can hurt your credibility and may affect future opportunities with people in the industry.”

Click HERE to read more of the benifits and drawbacks. Don’t forget to read the other great articles on publishing.

Now that you’ve written a book and you don’t want to go the vanity publishing way…what do you do?

Author Emlyn Chand (Novel Publicity) and author Melissa Foster (Fostering Sucess) can help you with that. It is a privelage to say I know these ladies and definitely recommend them as your next step help. Click on their links and learn more about them and what they can do for you.


Now how about book reviews?

Author Tanya Kappes can tell you loads about that. From buying reviews, organic reviews, swapping reviews and even fake reviews.

“In essence, there are three methods of reviews you can acquire: buying them, growing them organically, and swapping them.  One method doesn’t necessarily enhance your status more than the other, although juggling the three certainly can help establish it.”


Click HERE to read more very informative stuff on this by author Tonya Kappes.


So good luck in your book endevours and thanks for the drop by,

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