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Tips on Blogging, What Indie Authors can learn from Fifty Shades of Grey & How to get Readers to want to Spread the Word


Hey, my blog is called Here she goes again… and  it’s called that for a reason. I tend to go on about a ton of different things and all at the same time. I jump from subject to subject rather quickly and rather unexpectedly and I cannot help it. I can’t!

I’ve really tried.

Some may say its because I’m a Gemini.  That Gemini’s are known to do that. I think its just because I’m me and that’s how I am. I ramble, I go on and hopefully whatever comes out is useful to you.

This is after all why I created my blog.

I love connecting with others and appreciate the help and advice I get along the way. It’s only polite to return that same courtesy and I am so for that. For my readers(thank you!) and for my fellow authors (Unite!).

So being that I’m a rambling type of gal, it should be no suprise to those who know me or are familiar  with me that my headline has three different subjects in it. These are tips for authors, bloggers and I really think for readers too.

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From Chazz Writes I was directed to wikihow and their article How to Write a Famous Blog

This was a very interesting article and of course this is why Chazz( I just love him, he’s great) linked this on his blog. There are steps (I love step-by-step) on how to do just that; write a famous blog. How often to post, how to prepare, how to spread the word and what you can learn from other blogs.

Now the  Fifty Shades of Grey mention. Fifty shades has brought a lot of hype and not just for the steamy content. Half hate the writing and half don’t care. Fellow Indie authors                ” groaned or laughed hysterically as they read the negative reviews for Fifty Shades”  Romance sells and so does sex. I’m a romantic, but I have my reasons for not writing erotica. Some have not a problem writing it and some are like me, we don’t want to or feel that we need to. The point to this is even though romance/erotica books are the big hype now, readers still like good writing. Fifty Shades seems to have a lot of bad writing.

So how did it get so popular?

“it’s struck a chord with a lot of readers, both good and bad.” -Indie Author  Ron Hummer

Word of mouth is what helped thrust Fifty Shades into the spotlight. To be a successful Indie Author that word of mouth is so important. So how do we achieve that? Book Clubs is one great idea. (link to article by Ron Hummer)

Blogging is another. Chazz (I just love him, he shares so much great info!) tells you how to get others to spread the word. Blogging helps authors build their platforms. Its been said many of times. Blogging is very useful to bloggers as well. You don’t have to be an author to be a blogger. Many readers blog. Blogging helps connect you with authors and its a great way to get FREE books too. Participating in giveaways and blog hops certinly sends those free books your way. It also helps you discover other authors and a great way to help authors get discovered (if that’s your goal too). I’m a reader, not a writer  is a blog that does just that. Kathy is wonderful and hosts tons of blog hops in which I participate in. Many readers/bloggers do too and so do many authors. Novel Publicity , Author Emlyn Chand’s blog hosts blog tours. This is another way to help each other. The reader helps the author and the author helps the reader. This is also another great way to gain followers of your blog. Readers love giveaways!

In Chazz’s article, he shared some more tips on how to get others to spread the word and you can go here to read it all. While your there check out his other great articles, a lot of useful stuff!

So…I’ve rambled and hopefully you got something useful out of it or at least were entertained. :0) Being that I am a rambler and jump rather unexpectedly from subject to subject, here’s a jump. While your off getting the word spread or blogging, you’re gonna need to still make dinner and here is a slow cooker recipie that will do all the work for you while you are off doing all your work.

Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

There are 22 other easy slow cooker recipies there if you’re not to keen on this one.

Happy blogging and thanks for dropping by!

P.S. Speaking of giveaways…here’s my latest one.

I’ve been nominate for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Yeppie!


Its exciting and oh so touching to find out that you’ve  been nominated for an award! The wonderful Amelia Cruzon nominated my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award and this is what she said : A.D, Is another prolific blogger who blogs such interesting stuff that should be read.  Aww shucks Amelia, thank you! Now that I’ve been nominated I get to hang this lovely award on my site forever! Yeppie! So lovely….  part of being able to hang this lovely award on my site is I must do these things and so do my nominees:

• I must write seven facts about myself

• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you (click on Amelia’s name)

• Link to seven bloggers who you think deserves the award (too many to choose from!)

• Let those bloggers know they have been nominated!

So now onto seven facts about myself (oh my!)

1. If you haven’t read my bio, I am a mother of six, three boys and three girls. They are all under the age of 13.

2. I used to be active duty in the U.S. Army as a Pharmacy Technition

3. I say “ya’ll” alot.

4. I like to paint Folk Art (haven’t in some months now)

5. I am never a fake. What you see is what you get.

6. I am an “Indie” author, ever heard of The Anna Kippling Series, One of Them or Molly Woodhaven? That’s ok, not many have either…yet. :0)

7. I am a total klutz, the pro to that, I have great reflexes. I’ll trip, but I do catch myself.

Now onto my 7 wonderful blogging nomoniees!

1. Mormon Mommy Writers- I just love this group of gals and the posts they share. Love them!

2.  Katy Upperman-  A lot of great topics and she was the one who introduced me to the blog me maybe challenge, I am blogging still just because of that (although I am not doing the topics :0)

3. Sara Ballance– First she has six kids like me and I feel exactly the same, if I do want anyone to listen to me, I do have to make them up :0) I also love reading about new books and giveaways!

4.   Writing Sisters- I love their writing tips and shares!

5.  Tracy James Jones- I love discovering other authors and their books and Tracy shares her reviews of them among other thoughts :0) Check out Tracy’s books as well!

6. Today I think…-  I love Patricia’s blog and cats! Great topics and adorable pics!

7.  Bex Book Nook-  Again I like book reviews and giveaways and Bex has this! She gives fair and honest reviews of the books she reads and who doesn’t love giveaways!

So there you go! My 7 facts and 7 nomoniees, thanks again Amelia Cruzon  for the nomination, many, many thanks!!!