Baking for a Cause: The Great American Bake Sale-A no Kid Hungry Production


I love Family Circle Magaize and their website. On pag. 60 of the June 2012 issue I came across their Local Hero article. Cupcakes for a Cause it said in bold letters. Reading on I found about two long time friends (Leanne Youstra & Margaret Quinn) baking cupcakes for a cause. No child left hungry.  It started when Leanne (17yrs old) volunteered at City Camp and went on a weeklong community service mission, where they visited local children from low-income familes in northern Philadelphia. She couldn’t help to noitce the meals given out were box meals that didn’t look too appetizing.

She had to watch some of the kids, younger than her even, not eat because they didn’t like them, but were obviously hungry. This got Leanne to thinking. She had remembered reading A memoir from Sandra Lee called Made from Scratch, with mentioned her partnership with The Share out Strength (SOS) and Great American Bake Sale (GABS). A national effor to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

So back at home, Leanne got to work with the help of her friend Margaret and they decided to bake (since they did enjot doing that) and in turn sell their yummy treats to raise money for GABS. They did a bake sale at their school and throught their church, making 200 cupcakes for both events. They sold the cupcakes for $2 dollars each and after only two sales these amazing young ladies raised $1000.00 dollars!

Click here to read the article.

What an amazing story and cause. Many are doing just the same. HAve you, share your story or anothers. Want to have your own bake sale for this cause, go to the Great American Bake Sale to find out more about it and how to do your own! Need some cupcake recipies?! Go to and here are a few yummy ones to start you off! Please share and spread the word, this really matters and like the statement above, no kid should ever have to go hungry.

Not a baker or into bake sales(at least doing them:0)?  No worries!  You can go to Share our Strength website where you can join the Hunger Core, learn about ways to get involved,  or learn about other ways to give.

Thanks for dropping by!

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