Confessions of a Scary Mommy… Scary Mommy aka Jill Smokler…are you a Scary Mommy or have one?


Jill Smokler started a blog called Scary Mommy to chronicle her experiences in raising her three kids. Well it transformed quickly into a community of parents. All with the same thought in common:

Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Her honest take on parenting became national and on April 3, 2012 her debut novel Confesssions of a Scary Mommy  which landed her a bestseller spot in The New York Times within the first week. Being a parent, your never going to be perfect at it, although many of us try to “fake the funk”.  Jill is brutally honest about her parenting, and maybe this is why others flocked to her.  Being a mother of six kids, I know how tough parenting is. It’s not always fun and I myself could share a few shocking stories..oh my! Hand over the mouth…no way! Oh yes way! Nothing incriminating, come on, I’m not that bad, but I too have something in common to other parents. I am far from perfect, just as they are. I’m not the only one with a few parenting horror stories and Jill’s wonderful blog reminds us of that. From her Scary Mommy Society (dad’s are welcomed too) to her Scary Mommy Community (again, dad’s are welcomed) she has provided a place for fellow parents to converse and confess, anonymously even. (Scary Mommy Confessional)

I am always behind on the news and when I discovered Jill’s book, I of course did the peek.

“We like to paint motherhood as a picture perfect experience” and “She had three young kids as well–was she not going slowly insane, too? Did she not long for an afternoon with out kids wiping their snot on her jeans and a baby spitting up constantly? Sis she not lock herself in the bathroom, ignoring the whining on the other side of the door?”

She’s funny, honest, brutally so and her book as now been added to my “to-read” pile. Sorry, there is a line :0)  So if you have not heard of Jill Smokler or of her book Confessions of a Scary Mommy (it is possible- look at me) check it out!

Are you a scary mommy and proud of it? Well you can post this logo shamelessly on your blog if you want, look below.

Logo courtesy of The Truth of Motherhood ran by  Deborah Cruz. Her post Road Tripping with Toddlers was posted on Scary Too funny!

Are you the kid of a Scary Mommy?  Remember confessions or purges are being taken at the Scary Mommy Confessional

Thanks for dropping in!

P.S.  Want to go to a mommyfessions party? Parents Connect is having one where you can win a copy of Jill’s book!

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