What happened to FEAR FACTOR and Missing the CRANBERRIES…Here she goes again…


Ok we all know what Fear Factor is. I was a dedicated fan when it originally aired and when I heard it was coming back, I got excited. That stuff to me never gets old!  I just love watching people stuff disgusting things in their mouth or lay with snakes and spiders just to win some money. NEver gets old…

A couple of shows aired… and they were pretty good! I was looking foward to seeing some heads shaved on a future episode and then…WHAT HAPPENED?!

No more Fear Factor :0(  Is anyone else out there devistated like me? Anyone else watching America’s Got Talent? Share your thoughts…random ones are welcomed too…look at me:0)

So as I was thinking about what happened to Fear Factor…yes the show was cancelled. Sorry Joe Rogan! I randomly thought about the Cranberries. You know them. That awesome group with the awesome songs. I bought the tapes (I’m not that old… come on they only went to CD’s  what.. twenty years ago.. 20? Really!) listened to them on my walkman (for those who do not know-its like the MP3-which I still call my walkman- leave me alone about it) and got lost for hours.

I loved the song ZOMBIE and loved The CRANBERRIES. Sniff Sniff..

So what did happen?

Well of course, I’m always behind on noticing or getting the news. (hey I have six kids and a bunch of pets, oh did i mention a big kid too? So hey, it happens…) So I googled them and find out a lot of other fans had asked that same question. The answer came in 2009 when the band made their declaration they were reuniting. They did a tour in 2009 and still are touring today. Their CD  Roses Came out in Febuary this year, closing a ten year gap of no Cranberries on the music shelves.


Heard of Tommorrow?

It gets better…

Roses is only $9.99 and you can get yours on Amazon.

Remember vinyl? You know vinyl records…well they’ve made a comeback. Yep…you can buy Roses on vinyl too. It’s priced a little more…$17.98

Whats vinyl (google it you youngins)

Vinyl’s made a comeback?! When?! Apparently it was still popular in the 90′s for those Dj wanna B’s for their DJ moves. Baby Boomers have kept the drive going too and yes today, vinyl is still selling.

“Oliver Goss of Record Pressing, a San Francisco vinyl factory, says it is a mixture of convenience and beauty. Fans like having something large and heavy to hold in their hands.”

It also turns out half the records that are sold are not even played.  “It is just cooler than a download,” explains Steve Redmond, a spokesman for Britain’s annual Record Store Day.

The Economist

So if you were a fan and didn’t know, enjoy two songs from youtube and then click the Amazon link to buy yours! There’s always Walmart too…

As for Fear Factor…oh poo….well, it was a good try!

Thanks for dropping in and listening to my random thoughts,

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A.D. Duling’s Diddley Doodle Dandy Writings

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  1. Reblogged this on jbcultureshock and commented:
    Not much of a fan of Fear Factor, but I was glad to see her talking about the Cranberries. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone talking about them. From the new song she shared, sounds like her voice is good as ever. What do you all think? How many of you remember Vinyl? Comment and let’s chat…

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