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A.D. Duling enjoys writing books filled to the brim with magic,adventure and of course romance. She writes Paranormal romance and Urban fantasy novels. The paranormal has always captured her interest and who doesn't love romance? Sometimes its just fun living in fantasy rather than reality. When she's not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature she would think of (oh and she would!), A.D. loves painting Folk Art, reading, spending time with family, and running slowly. A.D. lives in sunny Florida with her husband,six children (yes that was not an error) three dogs, two guinea pigs, two turtles and a few fish. Whew! Want to read more about her? Go to www(dot)adduling (dot) com and find out more! Her books: Anna Kippling Series The Key The Tokens The Stones The Battle Evie Patterson Series One of Them The Other Vampire Molly Woodhaven Series Mr. Pickett and his sailing Adventure The Three Witches and the Spellbook

Choosing The Right Distributor: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital- A comparison by Author David Gaughran


A.D. Duling:

Ever wonder which is better? Well, now you can.

Find the pros and cons to each distributor, told by Author David Gaughran on his blog. In his post he tells you in detail what each distributor has to offer you and what they don’t. This is a well informative post and I strongly recommend that you also check out his other posts related to this subject as well as other beneficial matter concerning the self-pub industry .  Just click the link below to go to David’s blog.

Thanks so much David!


Originally posted on David Gaughran:

swvd2dSince I started self-publishing in 2011, Smashwords has been the overwhelming favorite for savvy self-publishers who wanted or needed a distributor to reach non-Amazon e-bookstores. However, a new competitor called Draft2Digital launched a beta version of their service earlier this year and has been gaining popularity. In July, they hit 1,000 users, 10,000 titles, and 1,000,000 books sold.

I’ve been getting lots of questions about Draft2Digital, and experimenting with them myself, so I thought it was a good time for a side-by-side comparison as there are distinct pros and cons to each service. But before we get into that, let’s look at the question of whether you need to use a distributor at all.

The virtues of going direct

In my experience, it’s almost always advantageous to go direct where you can. Benefits include faster payments, up-to-date sales figures (crucial for measuring the effectiveness of any marketing), more direct control of…

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Anna Kippling is Getting Revamped! Enter the Contest and Give Your Vote…


You might have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately about anything concerning my books. Not on Facebook. Not on twitter. Not even on here. Yep, that’s right. No promoting, no linking, no giveaways, no nothing.

So what have you been up to A.D.?

Well, It goes like this…

After finishing the fourth installment to my Anna Kippling Series (that in itself was a huge feat for me, she pats self on the back) I decided I just had to go back and revamp up the previous three books.  As an indie author, I have learned quite a bit since I entered the self-pub industry and have learned the hard way on how little I knew when I entered it. And sadly how much more I still need to learn.

The  #1 most important thing I have learned, for anyone to learn even,  is you want your work to be at it’s absolute best or at least pretty darn close before you press the publish button. It isn’t just about finishing the story, but of course that is something to feel proud about. It’s quite an accomplishment to write and finish a book (now pat yourself on the back), but it doesn’t end there. You then need to edit.

Edit, revamping, everything and anything to make that book of yours shine to a luster that would make any mom or pop proud. This after all is your baby.

And over the past two years this is just what I have done.

I’ve also had to build a tougher skin. No one likes negative reviews, but they are necessary (at least the legit ones).  This is how our readers give us feedback and our resource to improvement. So with a new layer of skin atop the other, I listened and…

worked harder,  worked a little harder, kept going,- I think I threw a tantrum here –   keep on still  and…

Yep, I’m still going.


Back to the point. As I’ve established, there is always room for improvement.

I am very proud of this series and have a deep love for the characters within it (hey they’re like family to me) and so it wouldn’t be unfathomable to want their story to be at it’s very best. So I’ve done one final revamp and then I shall lets it alone :0)

I did a while ago post a possible new cover for the series and am still on the fence about it.  I’m not sure if I should do a new cover or keep the current one.  This is where you come in.

As readers are just as important to authors as their characters. YOU, yes you, are very important to me and of course so is your opinion. So give me your opinion. Which cover do you think I should go with when I am put out my second edition (revamped) Anna Kippling Series?

Cover 1 or Cover 2?

How about a contest about it? Oooh, ooh, Yes! Of course yes!  “We’s just loves a contest!”  So give your vote, cause it matters, and then  enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win all four books of this series. (To enter contest, click “a Rafflecopter giveaway” below)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How awesome is that! If you haven’t read it, this is great, now you get to without waiting! And if you have , no worries, this is still great! Now you get to read the revamped version without having to spend anymore money!  Yeppie, who doesn’t like saving money?

Good luck and please don’t forget to share this awesome giveaway with your friends.

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Reading the Alphabet- A review of my book- The Key #1 of the Anna Kippling Series



Maria, blogger, reader and review had posted a four star review of my book! I am so glad she enjoyed it and click the link below to hop on over to read what she had to say about it. Thanks so much Maria!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow Maria’s blog!

K: The Key.

I’m a Writer? I AM A WRITER! A Realization.


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Welcome, I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer.”

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere ~Anne Lamott

I’m not entirely sure anyone ever just wakes up, has this epic epiphany or even comes to a revelation of cataclysmic proportion informing them that they are a writer. As I said, I’m not entirely so sure it works that way.  If I am wrong, please educate me. She smiles.

“I’m a writer?” Question, question mark.

“I am a writer!” Declaration, exclamation mark.

Is that how it works?

Does it go this way- Realize, yell at the top of our lungs this exciting bit of realization while at the same time puffing out our chest, forming a grin on our mouth, and giving the heart beneath our ribcage some serious exercise as we nervously wait for the ears around us to consume such a declaration.

Vile now slowly works up to the throat and then…

Swallow. For goodness sakes man (woman), swallow, before you hurt yourself! Ok now, let’s begin again, shall we? A much simpler, gentler and easier manner, yes?

Reality- yes we writers can live in such a place- check.

My realization did not come at such… well…at such a level. Mine came in a slow, subtle, drip of exposure sort of manner. Imagine a VHS (no, I am not that old!) now press rewind on your VCR (again, I am not that old!), wait a bit, now press stop. Ah, yes! Right there. This is where it happened. Press play. Scene- Sitting on the couch- no more like residing there- large round belly, full with baby, ankles swollen to match the thick calves and bored, very, very bored. Sounds beautiful, huh? Yes, this golden magical moment was how I discovered I was a writer. So magical huh? Big grin.

Nope? Not really?

That’s ok, it’s not always; but it was my moment. The moment of propulsion.

I was bored and I was a dreamer. Well, still am. My imagination wandered in those very bored…very, very bored moments and then conception- A girl, a key and a magical portal to another world popped into my mind.

So original, right? Yeah? No, no not really. Ok, so not the most original, but I had a conception and I rolled with it. Literally, I probably could have. Ok, that was a bad pregnancy joke, a very, very bad one.

Waddle, waddle, quack, quack- ok not the quack, but yes the waddle- I went over to my computer, sat down, propped my poor pitiful swollen feet up and began typing. Slow at first, then a bit faster and pretty soon, the story was pouring and my fingers were flying. A month later, my first book was completed. Well, the first draft anyway…

 A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. ~Richard Bach

Hello, my name is Alishia or A.D. Duling and I am a writer. I AM A WRITER!  Declaration, exclamation mark.  Are you a writer? Yes?! Fabulous! Let’s yell it together then, shall we?

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A Letter to Victoria’s Secret From a Father



We all know of Victoria’s Secret; we’ve been to the bright pink stores and can recognize the bright pink striped bags other gals and guys carry around within the mall. I know all of us can say we have shopped there at least once and are very familiar with the lovely and racy undergarments that are sold there. It’s supposed to make wives, mothers, girlfriends feel sexy as well as fitted.

Now ask yourself these questions: How would you react seeing a twelve year old girl carrying one of those bags? Find her walking around inside the brightly painted pink store amongst you older gals shopping for bras and underwear with bling on them and words such as  “Feeling lucky?” written on them?

Men, probably fathers that are there shopping for something “va-va-voom” for your wives, could you still do it with a twelve year old grabbing something similar in her own size?  Mothers, your thoughts? The link below is a letter from a father to Victoria’s Secret just about this. As there is nothing wrong with this store or those who shop in it, there is however something to be considered about “Bright Young Things” line they plan to put out. Is this a good move? What do you think?

Do you agree with this father or not?

Thanks for the drop by!

A Letter to Victoria’s Secret From a Father.


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