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Indie Authors- Self- publishing help, about Vanity Publishers and the Low Down of Book Reviews…


Vanity Publishing

I have my opinion of Vanity publishing, but this is not about my opinion. It’s about what you should know about it before you decide to take the leap. howtobeanauthorsite.com tells you…

“In some circles vanity publishing is not a term that is often looked upon favourably. This is because unlike conventional publishers, vanity publishers will publish work regardless of its content or quality and is done so for the sake of the author’s vanity – to be printed.” – this sums it up for me.

But, again….it’s not about my opinion. This site is very informative and they have part two post that goes on to tell you the pro’s and con’s of vanity publishing.


What are the benifits?

” Vanity publishers work for you under your guidance and direction. Therefore, you still retain control over the production process.
 Vanity publishers will save you heaps of time, because they are managing the entire process.”

What are the drawbacks?

“If vanity publishers outsource, they can charge you more or not invest time in trying to find the best deal for you. Vanity publishers do not have the same reputation as major publishers. Some people will perceive you as lacking the ability to get published by a mainstream publisher, hence your need to resort to a vanity publisher. This can hurt your credibility and may affect future opportunities with people in the industry.”

Click HERE to read more of the benifits and drawbacks. Don’t forget to read the other great articles on publishing.

Now that you’ve written a book and you don’t want to go the vanity publishing way…what do you do?

Author Emlyn Chand (Novel Publicity) and author Melissa Foster (Fostering Sucess) can help you with that. It is a privelage to say I know these ladies and definitely recommend them as your next step help. Click on their links and learn more about them and what they can do for you.


Now how about book reviews?

Author Tanya Kappes can tell you loads about that. From buying reviews, organic reviews, swapping reviews and even fake reviews.

“In essence, there are three methods of reviews you can acquire: buying them, growing them organically, and swapping them.  One method doesn’t necessarily enhance your status more than the other, although juggling the three certainly can help establish it.”


Click HERE to read more very informative stuff on this by author Tonya Kappes.


So good luck in your book endevours and thanks for the drop by,

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Attention: Blog post about Books, Writing Tips & Other Random Stuff that Suits my Fancy…Maybe Yours?


Here she goes again? Yep that is the title of my blog, so of course… here I go again.

I am a writer (Thank you Author Jeff Goins) and as a writer, posts and articles about writing will of course catch my I (or is that eye?) I want tips, recommends, inspiration and just plain fun when it comes to what comes with the word writing. Being that your here you are either a reader (well of course, you are reading this) or a writer who wants the same thing (well for the reader, some of the same thing).

Being that my thoughts are random, of course be prepared for random things to follow this sentence. Here we go…

Character development. Where do your characters come from? Need some tips on that? Novel Publicity has just that. Here’s a taste of what Ria Majumdar had to say.

1. Writing yourself

“Go for this source if you are absolutely sure that you can be objective about the flaws (in you/your character). Because if done well, this is the best source to tap from. Hey, don’t tell me I am the only lazy writer who doesn’t like to do an extensive back story for her characters.”

Click on the link above to read more great tips on that Character development from Ria.

Having trouble pacing yourself in writing that novel? Novel Publicity has some advice on that as well.  Cynthia Vespia says this:

Writing is a tricky business. It’s important to know all the tried and true techniques that will help mold and shape your novel or story. Once you learn those basics, however, it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned and throw out what you don’t need.”

A lot of it is pacing. Your scenes should develop in a way that builds toward an event or a question of what is to follow. The way you deliver that most effectively is with action.”

Click here to read more great advice on pacing in your story telling.

Being an Indie author (that means I self- pubbed myself) I know how it feels to get caught up in the dream realm of publication and success in it. I want to be just as sucessful as any other author and a year ago when I entered the self- publication world, that was exactly how I thought. A year later, I’ve learned a few things. One of which is called Reality. It’s ok to dream about sucess, but don’t just write for it. Don’t just write to get published. When writing, think about just that: writing. Focus on your work rather than all the stuff that could come later (hey it’s ok to dream…it drives us). Kamy Wicoff says just that and the way she explains it is a wonderful tale. Here’s the title to give you an idea. It’s the Story, Stupid! (Trying Hard Not To Think About Publishing While Writing)

“And now, as I am slogging through a difficult moment in writing my novel (the middle), wondering if it’s any good, I find myself thinking of this conversation again.  I need to focus entirely on my story, I know it.  But I am having trouble getting the “will anyone ever read this?” and “will it ever get published?” demons out of my head.”

Click here to read her article.

Now you need some writing tips on how you should write your masterpiece. Russel Blake has a few and they are very, very good!

 Write as though your life depends on it. This speaks to quality. Write each book as though it was the only one of yours anyone will ever read. Because if it isn’t good, it will be.”

Don’t be lazy. If a reader is to be expected to invest hours into reading your work, you owe the reader your very best effort. A shoulder shrug and the thought, “That’s good enough,” cheats you both.”

Click here to “write better“.

Ok now I need to add something benificial for my readers. After all there are readers as well as writers and being an Indie author, I need to cater to my readers as well. So who wants some great book recommends?  Who wants FREE ebooks? If I could see them, I am sure many hands went up. Have you heard of ENT (Ereader News Today)? Well, they’ve got a bunch of FREE Kindle book listings that make it convienent for you to pick from. Click here to go there.  Now here are a few recomends from me…

Two Moons of Sera (Vol. 1)Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, a Paranormal Romance (Jolie Wilkins Series, Book #1)Farsighted (Farsighted Series)Be Still, My Love (Tess Schafer-Medium)Cinder: Book One in the Lunar ChroniclesUnder the Never Sky

The Key ( #1 Anna Kippling Series) Paranormal Romance/Epic Fantasy SeriesHalf-Blood (Covenant)The Boy in the Suitcase (.)

Ok, ok, I know I threw my book in there, but come on? I had to, wouldn’t you have? Well here are my recommends anyway. Need a yummy treat to munch on while you read? Heard of Tastey Kakes? Well their really good, at least in taste. Probably not so good for the hips, so stick to one or two:0)

Happy Reading and Tastey Cake eating!

Tips on Blogging, What Indie Authors can learn from Fifty Shades of Grey & How to get Readers to want to Spread the Word


Hey, my blog is called Here she goes again… and  it’s called that for a reason. I tend to go on about a ton of different things and all at the same time. I jump from subject to subject rather quickly and rather unexpectedly and I cannot help it. I can’t!

I’ve really tried.

Some may say its because I’m a Gemini.  That Gemini’s are known to do that. I think its just because I’m me and that’s how I am. I ramble, I go on and hopefully whatever comes out is useful to you.

This is after all why I created my blog.

I love connecting with others and appreciate the help and advice I get along the way. It’s only polite to return that same courtesy and I am so for that. For my readers(thank you!) and for my fellow authors (Unite!).

So being that I’m a rambling type of gal, it should be no suprise to those who know me or are familiar  with me that my headline has three different subjects in it. These are tips for authors, bloggers and I really think for readers too.

Pic courtesy of kaushalpatel.me


From Chazz Writes I was directed to wikihow and their article How to Write a Famous Blog

This was a very interesting article and of course this is why Chazz( I just love him, he’s great) linked this on his blog. There are steps (I love step-by-step) on how to do just that; write a famous blog. How often to post, how to prepare, how to spread the word and what you can learn from other blogs.

Now the  Fifty Shades of Grey mention. Fifty shades has brought a lot of hype and not just for the steamy content. Half hate the writing and half don’t care. Fellow Indie authors                ” groaned or laughed hysterically as they read the negative reviews for Fifty Shades”  Romance sells and so does sex. I’m a romantic, but I have my reasons for not writing erotica. Some have not a problem writing it and some are like me, we don’t want to or feel that we need to. The point to this is even though romance/erotica books are the big hype now, readers still like good writing. Fifty Shades seems to have a lot of bad writing.

So how did it get so popular?

“it’s struck a chord with a lot of readers, both good and bad.” -Indie Author  Ron Hummer

Word of mouth is what helped thrust Fifty Shades into the spotlight. To be a successful Indie Author that word of mouth is so important. So how do we achieve that? Book Clubs is one great idea. (link to article by Ron Hummer)

Blogging is another. Chazz (I just love him, he shares so much great info!) tells you how to get others to spread the word. Blogging helps authors build their platforms. Its been said many of times. Blogging is very useful to bloggers as well. You don’t have to be an author to be a blogger. Many readers blog. Blogging helps connect you with authors and its a great way to get FREE books too. Participating in giveaways and blog hops certinly sends those free books your way. It also helps you discover other authors and a great way to help authors get discovered (if that’s your goal too). I’m a reader, not a writer  is a blog that does just that. Kathy is wonderful and hosts tons of blog hops in which I participate in. Many readers/bloggers do too and so do many authors. Novel Publicity , Author Emlyn Chand’s blog hosts blog tours. This is another way to help each other. The reader helps the author and the author helps the reader. This is also another great way to gain followers of your blog. Readers love giveaways!

In Chazz’s article, he shared some more tips on how to get others to spread the word and you can go here to read it all. While your there check out his other great articles, a lot of useful stuff!

So…I’ve rambled and hopefully you got something useful out of it or at least were entertained. :0) Being that I am a rambler and jump rather unexpectedly from subject to subject, here’s a jump. While your off getting the word spread or blogging, you’re gonna need to still make dinner and here is a slow cooker recipie that will do all the work for you while you are off doing all your work.

Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

There are 22 other easy slow cooker recipies there if you’re not to keen on this one.

Happy blogging and thanks for dropping by!

P.S. Speaking of giveaways…here’s my latest one.

Seedling Braille Books for Children & Emlyn Chand from Novel Publicity…


The lovely Emlyn Chand, President of Novel Publicity posted a share on Facebook about Seedling Braille Books. I clicked the link and went to her post on Novel Publicity.

“Every child deserves the company of a good book, but for some, that company is hard to find. The truth of the matter is, braille books are expensive and difficult to attain, especially for families with limited means.”

Every child deserves the joy that comes from reading, and your vote could help earn Seedlings $25,000 to continue their vital mission!   Seedlings Braille Books for Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, low-cost braille books for blind children in Michigan and around the world.  Seedings could win a $25,000 grant  in the 2012 Art Van Charity Challenge! It’s new this year and only one vote per email address. Go to the Art Van site  by 5/31  and vote!

All you have to do is register, verify email, login and vote for Seedlings! Don’t want to vote, but would like to donate towards the cause? Click here.

When Seedlings was started in 1984 by Director, Debra Bonde, braille materials were scarce and expensive. Her goals were to increase the availability and lower the cost of braille books for children in order to promote their literacy skills and the love of reading. Read more about this company in Emlyn’s article.

Thanks for dropping in and voting!

How to Have a Successful KDP Select Campaign– A starting out author’s experience with KDP select.


As a self-published author, when the KDP Select program came about on Amazon, I wondered. I wondered what it was all about and what it could do for me; a newbie to the world of self-publishing and promoting. I was selling books, but ever so slowly, this slow in fact… S—L—O—W. So how was KDP select going to propell me out there in the Amazon Kindle world? Would it be worth the trouble, the time and what else could I do in conjunction to it, to get myself even more noticed?

Well I did recieve some great answers and did give it a go. Did it work out like I thought it would? Yes and no. Again, for me being a hardly known, KDP select helped me out quite a bit, but in the broad spectrum of comparison, probably not so much. As this was my first attempt and I only promoted for 1 day.  I recieved 500  downloads in that time period, but more than I have ever sold on Amazon, tons more in the 8 months of my career as a self-publishe author.

I put out my Urban Fantasy novel- One of Them as my trial book  and in that day, watched it climb the charts up to to #688 on Amazon, #2 in Girls & women and #12 in People & Places, which for me that was amazing! Before this day, I was ranking in the 300,000′s. A week plus later, I am staying between 30,000 and 200,000. So an improvment and mind you recieving this with only promoting my book for free for 1 day. You get five days in the 90 day exclusive enrollment. You can also do it again for another 90 days afterward and again and again. If you do not mind being exclusive with Amazon. For me, I was hardly missed at B&N. :0)

Now your asking how many books did I sell after that day? I did sell, but still few in comparison to others of course.  January before KDP(I did this in FEb.) I sold 10 books on Amazon at together that month and my total sales for the month between B&N and Amazon was 23. So you can see how little I was selling.  AFter KDP select (for FEb) I have sold 34 on Amazon, that is a small jump, but a nice one for me…and the month is not quite over. A humble success for a first attempt. Could I have done better? Oh yes and the wonderful thing is, I have more opprotunities.

I still have quite a ways to go , but a fair chance in reaching the top #100, cause we all do!  But we must remember, not being in  the top #100 doen’t mean we are not successful. Readers are coming back for my sequel and my books are selling ,isn’t that the goal? The realistic one, at least. So for anyone starting out like me, I do recommend giving the KDP a go and here are some links giving really great advice and experience shares, I hope in sharing this with you, you will find success in KDP select as well.

How to Have a Successful KDP Select Campaign– A wondeful article by  The writing Bomb blog author- Jeff Bennington – http://thewritingbomb.blogspot.com/2012/02/are-you-planning-kdp-select-promo-soon.html

Here is an article by the wonderful Emyln chand (of Novel Publicity) http://www.novelpublicity.com/2012/02/kdp-select-free-days-targeted-advertising-is-the-key-to-success-heres-a-list-of-resources/    Telling about her experience with KDP and links on where to promote your free giveaway.

Here is an article by a wonderful author-Matt Patterson – on his experienece with KDP with his book My Emily- http://www.karenbaney.com/archives/1592

Here is another great article on the KDP select and how it helped author-David Kazzie  of The Jackpot get his book noticed and was very successful at it!http://wahoocorner.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-kdp-select-saved-my-book.html

And another to throw int -http://lindacassidylewis.com/2012/02/25/wow-the-kdp-select-giveaway-experience/

There are so many KDP select stories out there and I have only shared a few and so far have not seen a bad experience, so far… I have recieved alot of great advice,  learning  some days are better than others, such as Sundays do better than Saturdays and Thursdays and fridays do well. I have also heard doing it for more than one day is best, such as two, but then other authors do 3 days in a row as well.

I chose to start with one and have four more to play around with, I plan to do a two dayer on my next promotion and hope for even more success. I have heard of authors getting thousands of downloads  and some only (like myself) getting  a few hundred.  But overall, book sales have been reported to increase.  Some by leaps and bounds, others a really good jump. Genre is said to play a big role and book covers as well. All in all its a matter of 50/50 to me. Lucky chances and skilled tactfulness. The best advice I would think to give, is do what works best for you. Take advice always, but use it how it works best for you. A mother of six, my time on my books must be balanced with motherhood. Similar stories of day time jobs and so for as well from other authors. If you go into this assuming a realistic outcome  of slow and steady, dissapointment won’t come so frequent.  So if you’re still debating on KDP, come on and give it a try, I did and  am very happy!

Thankyou for stopping by ,