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Calling all Authors! Have you heard of Jolly Fish Press or Ink Pageant ?


Jolly Fish Press

I was privelaged to have Mr. Christopher Loke critique the first three chapters of my book The Key #1 of The Anna Kippling Series and Wow! Did he have a lot of wonderful advice! Thank you so much Mr. Loke!  Christopher Loke is one of the many brillian minds behind Jolly Fish Press  a  Publishing Company that brings great news for us authors; they’re accepting submissions!

Eight amazing books are already under their wing (so look out for them!) and one among them is The Houskeeper’s Son by Christopher Loke himself! The other seven titles are:

BIG IN JAPAN (July 21, 2012) by: Jennifer Griffith, ONE BOY, NO WATER (September 22, 2012) by: Lehua Parker, DISSENSION (February 23, 2013) by: Adrienne Monson, CITADELS OF FIRE (Fall 2013) by: L. K. Hill, INSIGHT (Summer 2013) by: Terron James, FAIRY GODMOTHERS, INC. (Summer 2013) by: Jenniffer Wardell, & PITCH GREEN (Spring 2013) by: The Brothers Washburn.

So, as I was saying, Jolly Fish Press is accepting submissions and I know for many Indie authors out there, any news of opprotunity is greatly appreciated. If your manuscript gets accepted by this wonderful company, I can assure you, you’ll be in good hands. Christopher Loke by far is a perfect gentleman as well as a brilliant man. He was very kind and respectable in his critique and gave tips that really made me think.  Have I submitted my manuscript ?  No, not yet. I have taken Mr. Loke’s advice and have already made improvements to my novel, but want to give it another look over and then maybe another before I submit:0) Who knows what could happen after that?  Either way, I know I’ll be walking away from Jolly Fish Press with an inspiring experience.

Want some great advice of your own? Jolly Fish Press has a blog with just that! It’s called Jolly Fish Talk and here are two  interesting topics from the bunch to get you started: The 7 laws of Successful Social Networking & Self Promoting using Social Networking.

Ink Pageant

Ink pageant was the link between my three chapters and the wonderful Mr. Christopher Loke. A kind thank you to Ink Pageant for that of course! Now what is Ink Pageant A.D.?  your asking. Well, Ink Pageant is a site for authors/writers where you can find great articles from blogs giving advice about self-publishing, writing tips, social media all the way to Author Spotlights and book reviews. Have some interesting stuff in these areas you wanna share? Well, more good news! You can submit your article to Ink Pageant! If your article is approved, you get to hang their wonderful logo on your blog and the sky is the limit on submitting your articles. So don’t stop at just one. This is a great resource that is growing by the minute!

Self-publishing is hard rnough already and so is building that platform. Help is always appreciated and there is a vast amount of avenues/people out there in the web world that give it. Giving credit to those who kindly share their tips deserve to be shared, so why not share it and that is just what I am all about. If you found this post benifical, I appreciate your comments and pass alongs. Don’t forget to follow my blog, I am always posting, I try daily and you are guaranteed to find more interesting helps to benifit your writing & platform.

Thanks for dropping by,

I’ve been nominate for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Yeppie!


Its exciting and oh so touching to find out that you’ve  been nominated for an award! The wonderful Amelia Cruzon nominated my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award and this is what she said : A.D, Is another prolific blogger who blogs such interesting stuff that should be read.  Aww shucks Amelia, thank you! Now that I’ve been nominated I get to hang this lovely award on my site forever! Yeppie! So lovely….  part of being able to hang this lovely award on my site is I must do these things and so do my nominees:

• I must write seven facts about myself

• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you (click on Amelia’s name)

• Link to seven bloggers who you think deserves the award (too many to choose from!)

• Let those bloggers know they have been nominated!

So now onto seven facts about myself (oh my!)

1. If you haven’t read my bio, I am a mother of six, three boys and three girls. They are all under the age of 13.

2. I used to be active duty in the U.S. Army as a Pharmacy Technition

3. I say “ya’ll” alot.

4. I like to paint Folk Art (haven’t in some months now)

5. I am never a fake. What you see is what you get.

6. I am an “Indie” author, ever heard of The Anna Kippling Series, One of Them or Molly Woodhaven? That’s ok, not many have either…yet. :0)

7. I am a total klutz, the pro to that, I have great reflexes. I’ll trip, but I do catch myself.

Now onto my 7 wonderful blogging nomoniees!

1. Mormon Mommy Writers- I just love this group of gals and the posts they share. Love them!

2.  Katy Upperman-  A lot of great topics and she was the one who introduced me to the blog me maybe challenge, I am blogging still just because of that (although I am not doing the topics :0)

3. Sara Ballance– First she has six kids like me and I feel exactly the same, if I do want anyone to listen to me, I do have to make them up :0) I also love reading about new books and giveaways!

4.   Writing Sisters- I love their writing tips and shares!

5.  Tracy James Jones- I love discovering other authors and their books and Tracy shares her reviews of them among other thoughts :0) Check out Tracy’s books as well!

6. Today I think…-  I love Patricia’s blog and cats! Great topics and adorable pics!

7.  Bex Book Nook-  Again I like book reviews and giveaways and Bex has this! She gives fair and honest reviews of the books she reads and who doesn’t love giveaways!

So there you go! My 7 facts and 7 nomoniees, thanks again Amelia Cruzon  for the nomination, many, many thanks!!!